FBI Agent's Jamie Fitzgerald and Nathan Hale


Join the investigation with Agents Jamie Fitzgerald and Agent Nathan Hale

 Lake Ronkonkoma sheriff said Tuesday the skeletal remains found in mid-December deep in the woods of Lake Ronkonkoma have been identified as those of a woman who went missing in May 2010.

Sheriff Dwayne Roberts  said the remains were found around 2 p.m. on Dec 16 deep in a wooded area about 2.5 miles away from motor parkway.

Dog walkers in the area  stumbled across the remains, the sheriff said.

"It's nothing but a skeleton," Roberts  said of the remains.

Roberts described the location where the remains were found as "the middle of nowhere."Since this was the second 
skeletal remains found in 6 months Sheriff Roberts called in the FBI. Agent's Jamie Fitzgerald and Nathan Hale will assist with the investigation.

Sheriff Roberts